Play is Everything.

A driven team of technologists, retail specialists and game designers.

Our founders, Giles and Julian Corbett, have always been obsessed with the intersection between games, tech and advertising.

This is how they came to build a digital platform to help brands advertise inside stores. And our interactive touchscreens were immediately popular with shoppers.

But something surprised us.

Our playSpot kiosks were also a revelation for retailers.

By adding an engaging, playful, digital experience to their stores, retailers give shoppers another reason to visit – and another reason to spend offline.

Since our inception in 2013, we’ve deployed thousands of interactive touchscreens for brands and retailers in Asia and Europe.

How can we engage your audience?

London (Chiswick) is our HQ and our centre for product development, engineering and European business development. Our offices in Singapore and Shanghai serve our customers in Asia.

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