Augmented Reality Interactive Experience in China

Augmented Reality Interactive Experience in China

Ksubaka’s playSpots help Nestle to engage with shoppers in China and stimulate demand for its CuiCuiSha Chocolate Wafers

  • Campaign drives 70 million consumer impressions
  • Interactive in store retail experience engages 15k shoppers per day

Shanghai, China. 3rd October 2016Ksubaka today revealed that it has worked with Nestle in China to engage shoppers in store and drive brand affinity of it CuiCuiSha Chocolate Wafers. The campaign saw Ksubaka remotely deploy an interactive branded Nestle mini game to its media network of touch screen playSpots, located in retail outlets throughout China. Consumers take a picture of their face (via the playSpot in-built camera), which is then integrated into the game play as an avatar as they try to catch as many floating CuiCuiSha Chocolate Wafers as they can in 30 seconds.

The campaign which ran between May 6th and July 13th 2016 delivered impressive results for Nestle:

  • Shopper impressions: 70 million
  • Campaign exposures: 48 million
  • Shopper engagements (Mojos*): 1 million

(*a Mojo is a brand engagement that lasts 60+ seconds and ends with a reward screen, the average Mojo duration for this campaign was 74 seconds)

  • Hours of engagement: 21,000
  • CuiCuiSha wafers caught in game: 50 Million

The branded mini game was deployed on 705+ playSpots across five cities in China. The campaign was delivered on screens over 700,000 times per day, engaging over 15,000 shoppers daily in a 74 seconds brand experience.

As part of the campaign, Ksubaka also ran an interactive survey via their playSpots which saw an 81% increase in purchase intent after completing the branded mini game.

For Nestle, Ksubaka’s media network of playSpots is an ideal way to extend existing CuiCuiSha Chocolate Wafer marketing initiatives right to the point of purchase within retail. Nestle sees the Ksubaka campaign as a means to deliver consumer engagement, brand affinity and to influence to purchase.

“The campaign with Nestle is an excellent example of how our rapidly expanding media network is enabling brands to extend their promotion right into the heart of retail,” said Julian Corbett, CEO and founder, Ksubaka.

“Typically a brand’s marketing activity is confined to just offers and discounts when it comes to retail, but with Ksubaka we are able to elongate brand marketing campaigns making engagement fun, rewarding and on message. We call this engagement a Moment of Joy or MoJo. Furthermore, brands that use our service are able to track, in real-time, the interactions and activity of their campaign,” finished Corbett.

About Ksubaka’s media network:

6,500 playSpots are currently live across China and Singapore, with 3 new countries being opened by the end of 2016

Every thousand playSpots generate in excess of 150,000 MoJos at peak time during the day (A completed brand experiences are what Ksubaka calls a Moment of Joy)

Every thousand playSpots deliver 70M monthly brand exposures and some 2.5M    completed Mojos every month.

To see a video of Ksubaka, please go here.

About Ksubaka

Founded in 2013, headquartered in Singapore, with offices in London, and Shanghai, Ksubaka creates ‘Moments of Joy ‘ (MoJos) for shoppers through the power of play, and in so doing, has created a powerful media space in retail environments in Asia.  MoJos are created through short, familiar and bite-sized interactive apps leveraging on the power of gamified experiences to bring consumers into the heart of the brand story. MoJos are delivered via Ksubaka’s network of kiosks called ‘playSpots’ and take place a few feet away from the store shelf, right when consumers are ready, willing and able to make purchasing decisions.

Behind Ksubaka is a sophisticated real-time analytics platform, with accurate and fast updates and tools to allow for micro-data scrutiny (aisle-by-aisle, playSpot-by-playSpot) allowing brands to adjust strategy, even in the middle of a campaign.

For the first time advertisers can cost-effectively engage and convert shoppers in a sustainable and scalable manner.

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m: + 44 7887998407

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