AIDS Memory UK

Aids Memory UK

Project brief

AIDS Memory UK partnered with Ksubaka to identify their audience and who they appeal to, grow their follower base.  As a newcomer to the charitable sector, they were keen to use Ksubaka displays and surveys to enhance the professionalism of their image.

The experience ran in pop-up shop in Soho in the period running up to and during the London Pride, gathering live insights from the LGBT community.

Gamified Brand Experience

Ksubaka designed a Ksu-Smiles instant pulse interactive survey to measure perception of an AIDS Memorial, and assess how knowledgeable the target crowd was on HIV and its social stigma, and treatments. Visitors were categorized by their gender and sexual orientation, with the ability to add open feedback.

As PlaySpots are plug-and-play and autonomous, the charity felt it was easy for the interacting crowd to give their insights without having to justify and label themselves to any potential attendants.

The look of the interactive PlaySpot and its substance helped carve a professional image for AIDS Memory UK as it develops its relevant cause.