Friso GOLD


Project brief

The campaign objectives were to attract in-store shoppers to a Friso Gold interactive experience and communicate to mums that Friso helps prevent heat and constipation in babies.

6.6 Million Shopper Impressions (+200% KPI)

84K Completed engagements (+64% KPI)

Gamified Brand Experience

Ksubaka designed a Friso Gold interactive experience, which was provisioned over-the-air to 231 playSpots across 37 retail within the Ksubaka media network. The gameplay involved catching as many small Friso molecules as possible within 30 seconds, while avoiding the larger molecules falling from a competitor’s product. At end of the gameplay, the shopper was offered a 1 for 1 discount by scanning a WeChat QR Code. The short survey was then displayed on-screen asking shoppers for a little information on their preferences.