Pasta Loves Sauce


Project brief

Italy’s #1 selling pasta, engaged Ksubaka to deliver an in-store 30-days campaign in Singapore, which fulfilled three key criteria; 1. Bring the brand to life in an interactive, fun and engaging campaign 2. Demonstrate the versatility of Barilla pasta and 3. Encourage in-store sales

5.4 Million In-store brand exposures

110,608 Pasta recipes recommended

Gamified Brand Experience

Using Ksubaka’s network of 280 in-store playSpots (interactive kiosks) placed within Fairprice stores across Singapore shoppers were encouraged, through the power of a branded interactive experience, to learn about the different types of pasta and sauces. Using a revolving wheel they could design their own recipe based on their pasta/sauce preference and the amount of time available they had to prepare it. The recipe could then be automatically sent to the consumer’s mobile via SMS or they could simply take a photo. If the consumer purchased a Barilla product within the store they were entered into a draw to win spa vouchers.This innovative experiential campaign exceeded expectations surpassing pre-campaign KPIs