Supermarkets in Singapore


Project brief

FairPrice, Singapore’s largest retailer, wanted to innovate its retail space to improve the shopping experience and drive awareness for its new FairPrice Online portal. In 2016, after a successful 3 months pilot, Fairprice signed an agreement to expand the Ksubaka Platform across 100% of its stores.

1 City

139 Stores

280 Touch Screens

Gamified Brand Experience

735 thousand “Mojos*” Per Month
88 “Mojos*” Per Screen Per Day
82.7% Completion Rate of Experiences
66 Seconds Average Shopper Time
8% Engagements vs Transactions
99% Fleet Uptime**

*a Mojo is counted when a shopper stays to complete entire Interactive brand experience

**2% of time not available due to screens being unplugged by store personal