Topshop – Topman


Project brief

Topshop partnered with Ksubaka to identify and understand the 70% of visitors who were leaving their store on Oxford street without purchasing.

The incentive for interaction is a chance to win a £250 voucher, which is doubled by completing follow-up survey.

9,469,126 Campain exposure

66,229 Shopper impression

74,4 % Completed experience

Gamified Brand Experience

Ksubaka designed 3 Topshop/Topman interactive experience in addition of 2 surveys aiming to understand visitors’ reasons of not purchasing while doing a market research on new features for their fitting rooms.

the data collected by giving a voice to visitors and customers through the PlaySpots on-screen survey aims to enable TopShop to target these non-customers with a tailored campaign while educating existing customers about on-going offers.

Experiences were :

  • This or That, in which shoppers pick a favourite options in different shown outfits. Results are then compared to average choices and badges are awarded according to the originality of the choices
  • Flip Cards, in which shoppers had to pair up facedown “matching outfit” cards
  • Tap them tiles, in which customer tap piano tiles to make music.
  • Shopper Journey Survey to understand purchases motives and have feedback on the store features like changing cabins.


Each games are directly followed-up by a satisfaction survey inquiring about the interactions effectiveness.