Trinity Event Solutions

Gathering live feedback during professional conference

How do you know if you have met your delegates’ expectations unless you ask?

How can you be sure to exceed your delegates’ expectations at the next event without feedback from the last one?

Why do you need an event experience solution?

Our top five reasons:

Simply and effectively capture delegates experience during your event

Use the feedback insight you need to create future events that people love to attend.

Gain deeper understanding of the delegate behaviours and gauge market opportunities.

Build loyalty and enhance your brand.

Manage the expectations of visitors’ real time.

Ksubaka Smiles Solution

  • Provides you with the information you need to understand what it takes to create events that people will talk about and want to come back to
  • Alerts in real time – for example, if there are issues with washroom facilities or event signage
  • Provide satisfaction data to use in further event marketing activities

Rollout Phases & Steps

Reduction on TCO while maximizing your ROI with fast integration, smooth kick-off and real-time data.

Phase 1

Building the Questionnaire

0,5 day

Phase 2

Delivering the playSpots to the venue

0,5 day

Phase 3

Collecting real time feedback

1 day during the event