Examples of Ksubaka Smile Survey Engine

Smiles Surveys- a powerful tool for generating actionable insights.

Ksubaka’s use of playfulness extends to its powerful survey engine that delights customers even while they are responding.

Actionable feedback.

You need to drive your associates’ behaviour to deliver the best in-store experience possible for your customers.  Empowering them with timely actionable feedback is a certain way to improvement.

Ksubaka store feedback delivers this to all levels of the organisation.  HQ and regional managers get ‘command-and-control’ type overview of their locations; while store managers receive scheduled A4 reports that let them see, area by area, what they need to do to maximise customer satisfaction.  

Ksubaka’s powerful analytics bench each store zone against similar zones elsewhere to tell the manager what they are getting particularly right (and should continue doing) and what they need to improve. This empowers store managers to try improvements and see the results in near-real time.

Ksubaka Smiles surveys tell your brand’s story.

We understand that these surveys are actually conversations between your customers and you.  We take great care to provide you with brand customisation of our engine that matches your requirements exactly.

Customer Pulse satisfaction to understand what the issues are

Precise tagging of each of our kiosks means that we are able to draw detailed zone-specific insights even from general surveys.  Pulse satisfaction is the most powerful way of rapidly establishing how your customers think you are doing in each area.

Employee engagement because they determine the quality of your customer experience

With such a flexible and powerful platform, it can be an opportunity to show your employees you care about their voices too.  Placing a kiosk in staff area is a great way to get feedback on potentially lucrative customer requests (for instance, did you know that luggage is something that your clients ask for regularly?); or how they are getting on.  As a general rule we find a strong correlation between stores with happy staff and stores with happy customers.

Detailed behavioural analysis that can recover sales

Catching shoppers in the instant gives the opportunity to find out why they selected one product versus another; or why they ended up buying something they hadn’t planned to.  Ksubaka Smiles engine enables conversion analysis to give you an understanding of what would enable you to change the mind of those customers who had planned to buy a product and then turned away.

Theme specific surveys

How do your clients react to a new initiative or to a new layout?  Tell them about what you are aiming to achieve and get their feedback on how well it is working.  Ksubaka Smiles engine enables over-the-air rapid deployment of pop-up surveys.

Transform your retail enviroment with Ksubaka

Ksubaka brings the power of digital technology into retail environments. Your bricks-and-mortar store can engage customers by using gamified experiences, interactive surveys and our platform for enabling offline-to-online shopping.

If your store is ready to become a 21st Century retail destination, we can help. Contact our team to book a demonstration of our Smiles surveys, Gamified Experiences or Cloudshelf.

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