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Over 1 billion

data points

320 million

successful shopper engagements

10 thousand

playspots deployed

Engaging in-store Digital Marketing

Ksubaka engages your customers in-store using its playful interfaces, proprietary technology and big data platform. These engagements are put to work to drive your business:

Satisfaction & insights

Find out how to serve your customers better using our ‘Smiles’ instant satisfaction surveys.

In-store promotions & animations

Bring your online promotions to life in-store using our gamified branded experiences or our on-screen social promotions to get customers to check-in and collect vouchers on their phone.

Own apps

Expose your own apps securely in-store. Using our purpose designed carousel display menu, you can repurpose your website or existing apps to have them run securely in public locations.

How we help

More visitors


Use Smiles to talk to non-buyers, measure causes of dissatisfaction and measure impact as they are resolved.

Use Branched Surveys to evaluate customer sentiment about possible changes

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More customers


Use Virtual Assistant to prep the sale.

Use Cloud Shelf to extend the sale on line and deliver offline to online solutions.

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More items


Use Promotion-Tiles to publish online promotions in-store.

Use Magic Shelf to get customers to interact with and experience the product.

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How computer vision tech is revolutionizing brick-and-mortar retail

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Two Brothers Crack The Impermeable Chinese Market By Bringing Gaming To Retail Marketing

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Platform and Data Engineering.

London is the heart of our platform and big data systems engineering. It is a very international team working on android, web and backend server technologies, product definition and design.

Creative and Marketing.

Singapore is our HQ and the heart of our creative and marketing teams. Teams here are well versed in game design, production, post-live analytics and in social and traditional marketing.

A passionate team of data, technology, gaming and retail specialists

Our founders, brothers Julian and Giles Corbett, are both big on games, technology and advertising.  This led us to focus on the opportunity to get shoppers to engage in stores at mass scale – at first, we thought, as a much better way for brands to advertise.  As we worked with retailers, we came to realise just how much more we could make these engagements deliver to help physical stores stay relevant – to communities and high-streets, whose social focus is so often built around these stores and the bars and restaurants that set up near them; to consumers, even millennial and digital consumers, who still make up 80% of their purchasing decisions in real world stores; and therefore also, to the online leaders such as Alibaba and Amazon.


What started off as a means to better advertise in-store soon expanded to become a set of services to help retailers revitalise their physical spaces.

Better Health

Communicate to consumers the message, “Lifebuoy removes 99.9% of germs and helps protect against 10 hygiene related illnesses.”

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