How temperature sensing kiosks can help you reopen after coronavirus lockdown

Getting back to business post-lockdown won’t just involve a practical and physical challenge of ensuring safety and reducing risks.

Organisations will also need to help manage the stress and anxiety that some colleagues and visitors will inevitably feel as restrictions ease and we return to work.

In the UK, the Citizens Advice charity has received a significant number of calls from people who are worked-up about things like inadequate social distancing. Jamie McGlynn, a manager at the Manchester office, said, “We’ve seen more than 100 calls this week about employment issues.”

Practical action against Coronavirus

Your visitors, colleagues and partners need to feel confident that your organisation is taking appropriate steps to reduce risks, and to trust that your buildings are safe spaces to work, relax and shop.

There are many ways to achieve this, and most organisations will use a variety of techniques to monitor the health and wellbeing of everyone who uses or visits their buildings, including signage and messaging, enhanced sanitary procedures, additional hand-washing and sanitary equipment, PPE, and health monitoring techniques (including apps to check-in with colleagues).

One of the simplest ways to effectively monitor the health of your visitors is with body temperature scanning. These contactless infra-red temperature scanners instantly scan foreheads and give a simple reading, as well as a traffic-light alert to highlight the implication of the temperature, and encourage people to take action if their body temperature is elevated.

A sign of security after lockdown

Temperature scanning kiosks are more than just a practical measure to prevent the spread of disease; they are also a highly visible sign that your organisation is actively protecting public health.

Checking the temperature of your colleagues and guests also encourages them to reflect on their own health, and to stay home if they feel unwell.

A highly-visible temperature-sensing kiosk helps to keep people focused on their own health, and also on their responsibility to protect everyone around them. This need to provide visual cues may become more important as coronavirus cases fall and hygiene standards gradually become more relaxed.

One component of a package of prevention measures

Reducing the spread of infection and keeping your colleagues safe will require more than temperature scanning. As we noted above, this may include communications about expected behaviour changes, additional facilities to support better hygiene, and a new culture surrounding our approach to sickness.

While presenteeism has been a problem in the modern workplace for decades, organisations will have to make a concerted effort to convince colleagues to stay at home if they experience any symptoms of sickness, no matter how mild.

Assuming your organisation introduces a range of measures to support and encourage enhanced hygiene and new attitudes to prevention, then a temperature sensing kiosk can provide another layer of defence, and help to keep sanitation, hygiene, and disease control at the forefront of colleagues’ thoughts.

Temperature-Sensing Kiosks from Ksubaka (watch a video)

Interested in helping your colleagues and guests to stay safe and feel protected?

Our Temperature Sensing Kiosks offer contactless body temperature scanning within seconds. These kiosks can be used in a wide variety of settings, including public spaces, offices, retail settings and sports venues.

Key features:

  • Contactless temperature checking
  • Quick and effective scanning of temperatures (less than 1 second)
  • Can alert people to existing health conditions
  • Encourages staff and visitors to consider their obligation to protect others

Contact our friendly team for a free demonstration or to discuss the product range.

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