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Sell More, Stock Less

Ensure every shopper buys and leaves happy


Cloudshelf in-store displays increase conversion

Sell More and Stock less using Ksubaka’s powerful Cloudshelf to extend ranges, drive product discovery and shopper choice:



Help product discovery

Our smart sales assistant helps choice when you have complex or technical ranges

with many variants – self serve or use to boost your staff’s expertise


Extend ranges

When you don’t have enough room to display or stock all variants (prams, suitcases,…)


Extend offerings

When you are promoting complementary or very large products you don’t have in-store

ALL PRODUCTS                                 

Extend locations

When you want to set up a digital pop-up

Why use in-store ecommerce?

“The future of high-street is to turn the stores themselves into the competitive advantage over online only”

“I use digital to match and create an advantage over the likes of Amazon.
Digital makes my team of sales assistants
much more knowledgeable and helpful,

and helps ensure that we are always able to get the exact right product for each customer”

What makes our cloudshelf unique?


Ksubaka Cloudshelf automatically optimises
your website for display and use in your store.
Unlike other sales assistant tools,

Cloudshelf is a shopper-first tool that looks awesome and makes sales assistants even better at their job.

Cloudshelf engine
– optimises your eCommerce website for in-store use

Creates smart sales journeys
for each range to enhance in-store buying, or even to be used for assisted sales.

Enables ranges to be extended to similar products the retailer can source directly for the customer, fulfilling the promise to ‘sell more, stock less’.

Provide the best customer journey



1.Shopper browses content on in-store display alone or assisted

2.Shopper scans selected items                                            

3.Shopper accesses retailers basket in mobile app and places order

4.Shopper receives delivery or picks up in local store

Cloudshelf key benefits, to help you succeed


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