The iPhone 8 and iPhone X in China and Singapore: Insights Research

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X in China and Singapore: Insights Research

Ksubaka Insights investigated what Chinese and Singaporean consumers think of the new iPhone models 8 and X.

Apple has been investing heavily in marketing its new flagship model, the iPhone X, that includes a good number of new features including face recognition, wireless charging and the hilarious Animoji. The company hopes that this will be enough to recapture the imagination and support of many Apple fans that have been disappointed with the lack of innovation in recent years. It will also hope to convince some Android users to switch to the new iPhones and regain market share. Will it succeed?

We wanted to find out so, as usual, we used our networks of 8000+ touch screens in retail locations to ask shoppers what smartphones they are currently using and, depending on the answer, whether they are planning to upgrade to the new models (if they are Apple users) or switch to iPhones (Android users). We also wanted to find out how happy they are with their smartphones and which Android brands are the most vulnerable to be abandoned.

The main results are presented in the infographic below (China only) or scroll further down to view the full reports for China and Singapore.

(Note: the research was conducted over 2 days shortly after the new iPhone models were announced). 


Full Report, China:

If you cannot view the report correctly, please contact to receive the pdf version.

Here’s the Singapore report:

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