Ksubaka report gives insight into the Chinese’s thoughts on UK drinks brands; Cider tops the list of most desirable

Ksubaka report gives insight into the Chinese’s thoughts on UK drinks brands; Cider tops the list of most desirable


Ksubaka report gives insight into the Chinese’s thoughts on UK drinks brands; Cider tops the list of most desirable

– Survey in conjunction with China-Britain Business Council reveals what Chinese Shoppers are looking for –

Bristol, London and China 27th September 2017 – Ksubaka today announced the findings of its survey which asked over 30 thousand Chinese retail shoppers their thoughts and perceptions of British drink brands. The survey findings were presented yesterday at the SME China Forum held in Bristol.

The survey, run in conjunction with China-Britain Business Council, was conducted over Ksubaka’s network of 8,000 in-store playSpots, interactive screens, located in over stores in over 130 cities across China. Ksubaka’s playSpots enable brands and retailers to connect with consumers through playful mini-games as well as delivering fast and efficient consumer insight through interactive surveys.

Key findings of the survey, include:

  • In the British alcoholic brand category 40% of Chinese shoppers would most like to try British Cider, followed by Beer 30.8% and Gin 29.4%
  • Packaging is a key driver in most categories, and the most important when it comes to Gin.
  • In the non-alcoholic juice category J20 tops (40.4%) the favourites of the Chinese
  • British non-alcoholic drinks the Chinese are most likely to try: Juice (35.5%) Diary (24.8%) Soft Drinks (22.4%) with Tea last with (17.3%)
  • 51% of Chinese shoppers “prefer” imported brands
  • ‘Friends’ recommendation drives the most purchases of British drinks brands in China with 18.3% followed by Celebrity endorsement 16.5%, in-store testing 15.6% with special offers and promotions the least powerful influencer with 13.6%
  • The top driver for an unplanned purchase is “perceived health benefits of the product” with 26.7% of Chinese shoppers citing this as the main reason

Giles Corbett, co-founder and COO of Ksubaka, speaking at the SME China Forum yesterday, said: “This is the largest survey ever conducted into the British drinks industry in China with shoppers as they shop. These findings reveal a healthy appetite and an excellent opportunity for British non-and alcoholic drinks brands. Interestingly, it appears that the Chinese are turning towards products which communicate health benefits”

“We’re delighted to partner with Ksubaka, a company that is reaping the rewards of doing business in China. The kind of insights into the Chinese retail market Ksubaka can provide through its proprietary technology platform is something we believe can help many businesses can take advantage of and enable them to tap into the opportunity China presents,” said Mark Hedley, China-Britain Business Council.

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About Ksubaka.com

Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur brothers Julian and Giles Corbett, with offices in London, Singapore and Shanghai, Ksubaka creates ‘Moments of Joy ‘ (MoJos) for shoppers through the power of play, and in so doing has created a powerful media space in retail environments. MoJos are created through short, familiar and bite-sized interactive apps leveraging on the power of gamified experiences to bring consumers into the heart of the brand story. MoJos are delivered via Ksubaka’s network of kiosks called ‘playSpots’ and take place a few feet away from the store shelf, right when consumers are ready, willing and able to make purchasing decisions. Consumer insight is also posssible through the network of playSpots with tens of thousands of completed interactive surveys able to be collected in a matter of hours

Behind Ksubaka is a sophisticated real-time analytics and research platform, with accurate and fast updates and tools to allow for micro-data scrutiny (aisle-by-aisle, playSpot-by-playSpot) allowing brands to adjust strategy, even in the middle of a campaign. For the first time advertisers can cost-effectively engage and convert shoppers in a sustainable and scalable manner.

About China-Britain Business Council

The China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) helps British and Chinese businesses and organisations work together in China, the UK and third markets around the world. With 60 years of experience, experts in 11 UK offices and 15 Chinese locations, and a diverse 1,000-strong membership, we operate alongside the British Chamber of Commerce in China to support companies of all sizes and sectors from multinationals to SMEs.

As the partner of choice for British companies working with China, CBBC delivers a range of events, tailored research and consultative services. We cooperate closely with the Department for International Trade, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office to highlight export opportunities for UK companies and investment opportunities for Chinese organisations.

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