Digital Kiosk

Engage customers, gather insights and drive sales with Ksubaka’s Interactive Screens

Maximise shopper engagement with our effortless platform which makes it easy to manage dynamic, engaging content across 10 or 10,000 screens.

80% completion rate – Ksubaka uses the language of games to create engaging experiences that attract a high percentage of shoppers




Plug Ksu-Box into any existing display to convert it to a Ksubaka screen for as long as you need.


Wall-mounted, standalone or hand-held

playSpots, our custom-built interactive kiosks invite customers to play and explore, while their small footprint (less than an A4 sheet of paper) means they can be deployed where other POS solutions are too bulky.

Custom display

All-in-one kiosks

Ksubaka Touch Screens are a versatile way to engage your customers. They can be attached to walls or shelves – or offered as handheld devices. We can work together to create bespoke screens for any setting.

Operations and maintenance of your interactive screens

With our fleet monitoring tools, you can easily monitor your deployments and receive notifications if issues arise. Your support team can rapidly identify touch screens that need attention – and diagnose service needs remotely.

Real-time touchscreen monitoring


Our Field Operations Team monitors the status and performance of all playSpots in real time. Ksubaka devices report on their status every minute, and we analyse millions of data points every hour.

Field app for screen support teams


Your field operatives can use our mobile app to check and manage each playSpot securely, using 2-factor authentication.

Data gathering, reporting and visualisation

Data collected from your Ksubaka screens is uniquely tagged and displayed on real-time dashboards. You can monitor performance, optimise campaigns and A/B test calls-to-action (CTAs) to improve your ROI.


Deploying Interactive Screens

Getting started with Ksubaka interactive touch screens is quick and easy:


Plug and play deployment

Zero integration required with your back-end systems or networks.

Identify locations


Achieve the perfect density of Ksubaka screens, such as one for 300-500 daily footfall.



Ksubaka devices automatically download the latest content over 4G. You’re ready to go.

Deployment process

30-60 day timeframe for 30-50 screens

Our record to date: from first customer meeting to live with customised content in 9 days!

1 Create and manage interactive

The Ksubaka platform includes all the tools you need to create, update and manage your content.

2 Deploy your network of touch screens

We will help you deploy a network of touch screens in the optimal locations.

3 Monitor real-time results

Harvest data, track performance and identify campaigns that can be further optimised.

Interactive Screens: your options

Play in Days

Choose from our 30++ ready-to-play gamified experiences that can be rapidly customised to reflect your brand, messaging and content.

Creation: 1-5 days

Brand Tailored

Brief our award-winning creative team to design a unique branded experience.

Creation: 4-6 weeks