Set Up

With individual playSpots being set up in a matter of minutes, full deployments can be planned and completed in a matter of weeks.

Plug and play deployment

Zero integration required on back end or store networks.

Identify locations

Get the right density of playSpots – between one per 500 sq feet or one per 500 daily transactions.

Plug in the playSpots

They will automatically download correct content over 4G. You are all set.



1. Deploy your private Network of Touch Screens

Ksubaka will help you to rapidly deploy a private network of touch screens in your desired locations.

2. Create and Manage Interactive Content

Ksubaka will provide you with all the tools you need to create and manage the content that is displayed on the screens.


Monitor Results in Real-Time

Ksubaka will also provide you the tools and support to visualise all data collected in easy-to-use dashboards and interactive maps. Ksubaka tools will highlight campaigns or locations that can be further optimised.

Pilot overview



Time frame:
30-60 days

Number of screens:

Number of locations:

1 promotion + 2 surveys

Pilot KPI’s

Shopper engagements:
> 20 per screen per day

Completed engagements (MoJo’s):
> 75% of all engagements

Shopper satisfaction:
> 70% positive opinions