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Engage customers with delightful experiences

Your store is the perfect place to surprise, entertain and charm your customers. Ksubaka makes it easy to engage customers by deploying digital screens that can harvest information, encourage exploration or invite customers to play.

Over 1 billion

data points

320 million

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10 thousand

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We help organisations to:

Ksubaka Smiles

Harvest customer satisfaction insights in your stores, in real time. Smiles gives you a window into the customer experience so you can remedy issues and optimise customer journeys.

Gather customer experience insights

Ksubaka Cloudshelf

Enhance the in-store experience with the comprehensive ranges you offer online. Cloudshelf makes it easy for customers to browse your complete range and place orders in-store.

Explore offline-to-online retail

Gamified Experiences

Give customers reasons to linger, play and explore products and offers. Combine delightful moments of joy with gifts and vouchers to reward customer attention.

Engage your customers

Ksubaka brings you:

One more visitor

Discover what motivates customers to visit your stores – and what prevents them from buying.

One more customer

Encourage discovery and exploration so your customers find relevant products.

One more sale

Enable customers to order complex, bulky or obscure items in-store with offline-to-online sales.

How can Ksubaka transform your customer experience?

Measure customer engagement

Ksubaka Smiles transform customer surveys into a delightfully simple and quick exchange. Customers simply tap the smiley face that corresponds to their mood. Follow-up questions can then be asked, allowing customers the opportunity to share as much – or as little – as they like.

With Ksubaka Smiles you can effortlessly capture the moods and attitudes of your customers over time, using technology that is simple on the outside yet powerful on the inside. The real-time dashboards mean you have a complete view of how different stores are performing, and what this tells you about the quality of the shopping experience.

Curating customer experience

Measuring customer experience in the retail sector can be an imprecise science. Traditionally, retailers would use customer surveys, often conducted long after the point of purchase, when the customer has left the store. These surveys can be useful for discovering pain points and inconsistencies across stores, but they are ineffective at capturing the in-store customer experience.

With Ksubaka Smiles you can capture in-the-moment customer satisfaction levels and identify issues so you can improve the customer experience.

Customer loyalty

Engaging with customers is an effective way to build personal relationship and foster loyalty. After all, a customer who has been heard is a customer who feels understood. With Ksubaka you can give customers a chance to share their views, and reward customers with vouchers, gifts or exclusive experiences.

Ksubaka technologies reward customers for visiting your stores, create another point of difference between online retail, and facilitate offline-to-online (O2O) shopping.

Discover what influences customers to buy

You might think you know what your customers love about your stores, but experience tells us that our customers’ views, preferences and goals are rarely what we expect. By understanding precisely what influences customers to buy, you can optimise your in-store environment and give customers more of what they love.

Transform customer waiting times

Customers queuing may be a clear display that your store is popular, but it’s usually frustrating for customers, and not a part of the shopping experience that people relish. Deploying Smiles surveys,  Gamified Experiences or Cloudshelf screens can transform customer waiting times from a frustrating delay into an unexpected moment of joy. Instead of simply waiting, customers can share their experiences, discover new products, or get rewarded for engaging with a promotional campaign. Time flies when your customers are having fun.

Personalised experiences

As a retailer with physical stores, you have plenty of opportunities to interact with customers and customise offers to suit their needs. And it’s these personalised experiences that are so compelling and so powerful when it comes to retaining our best customers and increasing retail sales. Ksubaka technologies can help you make every customer feel recognised and understood with personalised offers and remarkable shopping experiences.

Customer engagement strategy

Research from Gallup suggests that a fully-engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average. Our platforms give you opportunities to connect with customers, build relationships, gather data and reward loyalty. By giving customers moments of joy, unexpected gifts and unique experiences, you can meet and exceed customer expectations.

Shopping experience

Customer expectations have never been higher. Today, brick and mortar retailers are competing with digital competitors who can leverage advanced technologies to create effortless shopping experiences. But physical retailers have one immense advantage: a real-world space with which to connect with shoppers and create compelling experiences. And this is what Ksubaka delivers: new reasons to visit your store, new ways to connect with products and moments of unexpected joy.

Transform your retail environment with Ksubaka

Ksubaka brings the power of digital technology into retail environments. Your bricks-and-mortar store can engage customers by using gamified experiences, interactive surveys and our platform for enabling offline-to-online shopping.

If your store is ready to become a 21st Century retail destination, we can help. Contact our team to book a demonstration of our Smiles surveys, Gamified Experiences or Cloudshelf.

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"Ksubaka is a terrific proposition for brands as it creates the ideal confluence of the power of retail, power of data and the magic of unique creative gamified experiences."

Rahul Welde—Global VP Digital Transformation, Unilever

"Ksubaka is unique at delivering amazing brand emotion in store and needs to be part of every marketers’ toolkit"

Stephen Maher—President, Mondelēz China

"Ksubaka knows how to go after consumers that are in a retail environment and delivers this engagement in a brilliant way. This is something we are really excited about."

Shann Biglione—Chief Strategy, Publicis Media

"We chose Ksubaka because we thought it was a very innovative solution, allowing us to reach shoppers through a tailored made campaign that was as fun and joyful as our brand is."

Frédéric Porchet—Category Development Manager, Nestlé