Singapore Bike Sharing Research

Singapore Bike Sharing Research

Recently, we investigated the booming bike-sharing market in China and gained insightful results. Now let’s see if we can uncover some interesting insights from Singapore’s bike sharing community as well and find out which company is winning the race!

2,023 individuals participated in the Singapore survey, check out the results below…

Key takeaways:

Convenience and availability are the key drivers when users select one company over the other. oBike leads by a low margin over Ofo in terms of availability of bikes, Mobike lags far behind.

Obike still leads when it comes to price&promotions but the quality of its bicycles is not considered on par with ofo and Mobike that share the top spot for this category.

Millennials and Baby Boomers showed a preference for oBike as compared to the other bike sharing companies. However, an interesting diversion came from Generation Z who preferred ofo. This difference can be due to the fact that a deposit is not required to start using ofo bikes.

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