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Moments of Joy

Ksubaka is a technology and live data company that uses the language of games to transform the way brands and retailers engage shoppers.

Our solutions

Our solution

Engaging in-store digital marketing

Ksubaka engages your customers in-store using its playful interfaces, proprietary technology and big data platform. These engagements are put to work to drive your business:

Satisfaction & Insights

Find out how to serve your customers better using our ‘Smiles’ instant satisfaction surveys

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In-store promotions & animations

Bring your online promotions to life in-store. Using our gamified branded experiences or our on-screen social promotions to get customers to check-in and collect vouchers on their phone.

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Promote with our Gamified branded experience

Use the stopping power of gamified branded promotions in-store to sell more

Your CX team has been pushing you to reduce the clutter and cardboard in-store.  Yet your suppliers now feel it impossible to stand-out. You are losing your high margin media revenues, and your customers don’t necessarily feel any better off for it as they have lost many of their buying signals.

Use Ksubaka promotions to enable ‘clean aisle’ without many of the side effects. Generate media revenue in media revenue in ‘clean’ store.  Give brands means to promote.

Link offline customers to mobile

Ksubaka Promotion-Tiles gets customers to sort and select promotions, allowing the retailer and other shoppers to rank their interest, and deliver the suitable vouchers directly to their mobile phone.

Easy-to-produce content

Ksubaka content library gives you the solution your brands need to engage shoppers

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Examples of our experiences




Smiles - Instant Insights

Earn more by keeping your in-store customers happy and spending.


Customers are leaving your store without making a purchase, but you don’t know even know if they had planned to in the first place.  Different stores have markedly different sales figures, despite comparable footfall, but you don’t know what actions to take.

We help retailers engage their in-store visitors to find out how they can transform more visitors into customers, or how they can get those who are customers to buy more.

We do this by providing simple-to-use satisfaction surveys that encourage response, and then push for further insights, using our unique playful interactions.  Our real-time dashboards give retailers visibility per store, per category, or per location, and the always connected over-the-air platform allows them to simply update their research based on current findings.