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Ksubaka is a technology and live data company that uses the language of games to transform the way brands and retailers engage shoppers.

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Engaging in-store digital marketing

Ksubaka engages your customers in-store using its playful interfaces, proprietary technology and big data platform. These engagements are put to work to drive your business:

Satisfaction & Insights

Find out how to serve your customers better using our ‘Smiles’ instant satisfaction surveys

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In-store promotions & animations

Bring your online promotions to life in-store. Using our gamified branded experiences or our on-screen social promotions to get customers to check-in and collect vouchers on their phone.

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O2O Retail Solutions - Ksubaka

O2O Retail Solutions

Offline to Online Commerce

How can you bring online shopping to your offline store?

The push for O2O retail

Your customers want the convenience of online retail and the real-world reliability of an in-store experience. And they want the two threads of your business to intertwine, so they can swap between offline and online – and back again – without any interruption in service.

O2O commerce model

While digital retailers are struggling to blend elements of real-world experience into their offerings, your stores give you an immediate advantage. You already have the bricks-and-mortar space to create powerful customer experiences. With Ksubaka technologies, you can bring the infinite potential of online shopping into your stores, merging the tangible experience qualities of physical retail with the convenience of online.

Shopping experience

People care about how they spend their money. Gone are the days when retail was a race to offer the biggest deal for the smallest price. Customers are now looking for great products from brands they trust and value. Quality has overtaken quantity.

This push towards high-quality shopping experiences means that physical retailers have a huge advantage, because they have a physical interface to engage with customers, identify customer needs and provide personalised support.

Our endless aisle solution, Cloudshelf, is not simply about reducing the need for sales assistants. While more customers will use the self-service kiosks, there will always be customers who ignore digital devices and go looking for a person to talk to. In such cases, sales assistants may guide customers to use the kiosk to order an item not held in stock. In this way, our O2O solutions can empower sales assistants to deliver memorable customer experiences.

Click-and-collect shopping

For your customers, home deliveries can be more trouble than they’re worth; missing the initial delivery can mean a trip to an out-of-town collection centre within a specific collection window. This is why click-and-collect shopping is a vital option for many customers, giving them the freedom to shop your entire catalogue with the convenience of in-store collection.

Ksubaka Cloudshelf gives customers a digital touchscreen so they can browse your products, place orders, and choose the click-and-collect option, or home delivery if that is more convenient. In short, Cloudshelf gives your customers the freedom to choose.

O2O commerce trends

Offline-to-online shopping is a rapidly developing segment of retail. Just as online retail has changed how we think about shopping, O2O is evolving to meet changing needs. While customers once thought of online stores and their physical counterparts as distinct entities, people now expect a seamless journey between offline and online retail. Whether we buy online and collect in-store, place online orders in-store, or want to return an online order in a physical store, we expect the same effortless experience, and the freedom to choose what works for us.

Fundamentally, this is the trend that is shaping O2O commerce: the need to meet changing customer expectations and deliver experiences that rival those offered by tech giants.

Benefits of O2O

The advantages of offline-to-online retail are clear:

  • Increase sales and capture orders that would have been lost
  • Improve customer choice
  • Give customer assistants a powerful way to support customers
  • Drive sales of large, complex or obscure products
  • Provide another reason for customers to visit your stores
  • Make greater use of your existing digital assets
  • Gather original data about your customers’ preferences and intentions.

Store owners and O2O

All Ksubaka interactive screens are focused on one thing: giving store owners new methods for driving sales. Cloudshelf is a simple way to bring the power of technology into your stores and giving shoppers one more reason to spend with you.

If your product ranges are too large, complex or varied to be represented in your stores, Cloudshelf provides a digital catalogue so customers can view and order everything you have to offer. If your customers are looking for more flexible delivery options, Cloudshelf facilitates click-and-collect shopping, as well as home delivery.

We’ve worked with many retailers and brands around the world, so we know how to customise our O2O solutions to meet different business goals and customer needs.

Omnichannel and multi-channel retail

Giving customers freedom, and meeting their growing expectations, lies at the heart of omnichannel and multi-channel retail approaches. If your corporate strategy includes a push for omnichannel or multi-channel retail, Cloudshelf can support your goals. Our solutions are designed to be rapidly deployed and designed to suit the needs of your brand. Whether you need 10 screens or 10,000, Ksubaka has the expertise to expand your shopping channels with a powerful O2O solution.

QR codes and O2O retail

If you need to identify customers, share content or offer discounts, QR codes can provide a convenient link. Quick response (QR) codes can be displayed on screens or printed on receipts to give customers access to information, or they can be used to connect with loyalty programs or to help customers bookmark products they like. The potential uses for QR codes are enormously varied; Ksubaka consultants can help you explore their implementation in your O2O solution.

Mobile payments

Ksubaka’s Cloudshelf includes a mobile payment facility, so your customers can order products and pay using their mobile payment systems, such as Apple Pay or Android Pay. Even if your current POS system does not accept mobile payments, Cloudshelf will, giving your customers greater convenience and flexibility.

Customer loyalty

Every time a customer leaves without making a purchase, your store risks losing their business. Ksubaka solutions help you satisfy a wider range of customer needs, learn from your customers and build loyalty with your most valuable customers.

Drop-shipping and O2O retail

Rather than processing orders through a complex logistics system, Cloudshelf facilitates direct drop-shipping, so items can travel directly from your distribution centre to your customer’s home. Drop-shipping is just one of the delivery methods that customers can choose when they order with Cloudshelf. Your customers can also choose click-and-collect, which is popular with shoppers who are rarely at home to receive packages.

Transform your retail environment with Ksubaka

Ksubaka brings the power of digital technology into retail environments. Your bricks-and-mortar store can engage customers by using gamified experiences, interactive surveys and our platform for enabling offline-to-online shopping.

If your store is ready to become a 21st Century retail destination, we can help. Contact our team to book a demonstration of our Smiles surveys, Gamified Experiences or Cloudshelf.

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Measure Customer Satisfaction With In-store Smiles Survey - Ksubaka

Smiles Surveys

Instant Insights

Turn more visitors into customers by amplifying the authentic voice of your customer.

Smiles surveys uses an in-store customer research app, deployed on a touch screen, to capture rich insights into customers’ needs and interests, so you can optimise the customer experience and serve more customers on every visit.

Customer research

Capture the immediate impressions of your customers. Smiles make customer research effortless for you and fun for your customers. We achieve more interactions by using the language of games to appeal to your customers.

Customer engagement

Give your customers something fun to fill a moment when they’re queuing, or waiting for a friend. You can also use Smiles to offer rewards and incentives for completing a survey to make the experience more memorable.

Customer experience

The effortless animation of our Smiles surveys means that customers enjoy sharing their feedback. Customers get another positive experience of your brand, which contributes to the overall impression of your organisation as one driven to deliver more.

Fleet management

In addition to our web platform, Ksubaka offers a mobile-friendly web application so your fleet management team can resolve any technical issues swiftly. These tools can also help your technicians diagnose many faults before they arrive on site.

Data visualisation and reporting

A key component of Smiles surveys is your web portal, which gives you real-time monitoring of the surveys and your fleet of screens. You can use the live data visualisation dashboard to review customer feedback, identify patterns and pinpoint stores that require optimisation. The web application includes reporting tools so you can share these insights with colleagues in a variety of formats.

Deploying Smiles surveys

Your Smiles survey will be unique to your brand. The questions, colours, branding and copy will be customised to your organisation and aligned to your goals. Surveys can be deployed on our custom digital kiosks, or integrated with your existing digital touchscreens.

Smiles surveys have been used by major retailers and brands around the world, so we understand the different challenges of in-store environments and navigating cultural and behavioural shopping patterns.

Deploying Smiles surveys typically takes 6-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of your survey and the number of locations to cover.

Customer satisfaction survey

How do you monitor and optimise the customer experience? You might use CSAT scores, churn rates or net promoter scores as a barometer of the quality of your customer experience, but all these measures have limitations and can obscure real issues affecting in-store CX. Smiles is a complete customer satisfaction survey solution that includes data gathering, data management and reporting – in a package that customers enjoy engaging with.

Optimise customer services

Every store is different, so how do you assess the customer experience and identify areas for improvement? Smiles surveys show the clear differences in customer satisfaction levels across your stores, so you can pinpoint the outlets that are underperforming and bring them up to the standard of your top performing stores. Smiles surveys help you identify the highlights of the customer experience and the factors that are most important to your customers.

Smiley face surveys

Smiles surveys are deceptively simple. Customers first see a trio of faces: one happy, one sad and one neutral, and a request to rate their experience of your store. Customers simply tap one face to register their mood. Customers are then presented with follow-up questions that explore their experience in more depth. The survey is completed with a thank-you message or a special offer.

While the customer experience is fun, quick and easy, the Smiles app gathers powerful customer insights in the moment. Traditional surveys rely on customers’ recollection of past experiences, which is inevitably less reliable than direct, in-situ surveys. Smiles surveys are the most effective way to learn more about your customers and what they want from you.

Turning feedback into measurable KPI

Our goal is to support retailers with advanced technology, and drive one more customer to place one more order and add one more item to their basket or cart. Smiles surveys give you clear, actionable insights into your customer attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. You can rapidly respond to customer sentiment and optimise your stores. Whether this means changing customer service techniques, store layouts, stockholdings or opening times (for example) the advantage is that you can identify issues and spin them into opportunities.

Transform your retail enviroment with Ksubaka

Ksubaka brings the power of digital technology into retail environments. Your bricks-and-mortar store can engage customers by using gamified experiences, interactive surveys and our platform for enabling offline-to-online shopping.

If your store is ready to become a 21st Century retail destination, we can help. Contact our team to book a demonstration of our Smiles surveys, Gamified Experiences or Cloudshelf.

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Cloudshelf | Endless Aisle For Retail Stores - Ksubaka


Endless Aisle for retail stores

Expand your offline store with online ordering.

Cloudshelf from Ksubaka is a powerful offline-to-online commerce solution that gives your retail customers access to your complete product ranges and a convenient way to order products in-store. Using our digital kiosks, or your existing fleet of touchscreens, your customers can browse and order products that you don’t keep in stock.

Capture More Sales

How many of your customers leave empty-handed because you didn’t have the colour they wanted, or the correct size? Cloudshelf gives your customers an infinite aisle of products, so they can order obscure items, unpopular sizes, complex products, bespoke orders or products that are just too large to hold in stock.


Improve Customer Experience

Give more customers the product they’re looking for. Instead of sending customers away with nothing, you can provide a convenient way for customers to order any item you offer. Delivery can be completed to their home address, or the customer can collect in-store at the most convenient location.

Merge Offline and Online Retail

Your customers expect a seamless link between your online operations and your physical stores. Cloudshelf makes this easy to deliver. Instead of developing an original O2O solution from scratch, you can use Cloudshelf to make an endless aisle available in weeks rather than months.

What are endless aisles?

‘Endless aisle’ is a retail concept that means offering in-store customers the almost endless product options you offer online. Instead of accepting the limitations imposed by the size of your stockroom, you can encourage and facilitate orders via in-store kiosks or portable touchscreens. When customers want something you don’t stock, your sales assistants simply direct them to a touchscreen, and help them browse and find suitable products using a simple app.

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Benefits and challenges of endless aisle solutions

The evidence is clear: leaving your customers empty-handed is bad for business. Forrester research suggests that as much as 10% of retail sales are lost because the desired item is not in stock. And when customers don’t find what they want, 35% will buy the item from a different store – and there’s no way of knowing if those customers ever return.

Benefits of endless aisle solutions:

  • Improves customer experience
  • Converts more visitors into customers
  • Expands the ranges you can sell in-store
  • Gives customers another reason to shop offline
  • Reduces reliance on sales assistants.

Challenges of engless aisle solutions:

  • Deployed badly, endless aisle technology can make online ordering difficult and frustrating
  • Without integration, customers can struggle to switch between online and offline experiences
  • Stock management systems must be integrated so customers have an accurate view of stock levels and locations
  • Deploying a suite of touchscreens and developing the platform are challenging projects, best suited for experienced providers
  • Sales assistants require training so they can talk to customers about endless aisle appropriately and manage expectations.

Balance your inventory

How do you balance the need to meet customer demand with the pressure to control costs? The more stock you hold, the more risk you carry. At the same time, we know how damaging it is to have disappointed customers leaving your store empty-handed. How can you simultaneously reduce your stock and improve success rates for your customers?

Endless aisle is an efficient way to meet diverse customer needs, without expanding your stockholding. You can make all your products available, either for home delivery or as click-and-collect, without affecting your inventory.

Implementing endless aisles

There are many ways to implement endless aisle, including bespoke interactive solutions and by equipping sales assistants with tablets so they can place orders on the customer’s behalf. Our solution is a complete ecosystem that gives your customers the freedom to browse and place orders in their own time, using our digital kiosks, or your own fleet of touchscreens. With Cloudshelf you can implement an endless aisle solution in 6-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of your requirements.

Keep customers happy

Many of your customers enter your store ready to buy. They know what they need, and are expecting to leave your store with the item in their hands. The frustration caused by out-of-stock items can be significant, particularly when customers have made long or difficult journeys to your store. With an endless aisle solution, you can turn disappointment into delight, and give more customers a satisfactory conclusion to their shopping experience. Meeting customers needs today means you’re more likely to win their business tomorrow.

Endless aisle as interactive kiosk

Ksubaka interactive kiosks provide an engaging way to deliver endless aisle technology to your customers. The intuitive user interface invites customers to browse, using familiar e-commerce approaches such as search, filters and categories. Our Cloudshelf application also gives sales assistants a new method of supporting customers and facilitating sales.

Relevance of endless aisle in retail

The appeal of endless aisle, for many retailers, is that it gives your stores a way to rival the online shopping experience. But with an endless aisle solution, you are giving customers the vast potential of online ordering within a physical retail experience – and all the relationship-building possibilities that entails. If your retail stores need ways to build customer relationships, Cloudshelf can help you compete against online retailers with something they can never deliver: a live, personalised experience.

Endless aisle management and monitoring

Cloudshelf includes a web portal for managing performance and monitoring analytics. With a series of dashboards and data visualisations, your operations team can conveniently monitor activity on your interactive screens or kiosks, identify issues and evaluate performance across your stores. Reports can be exported in a range of formats with just a few clicks.

Transform your retail environment with Ksubaka

Ksubaka brings the power of digital technology into retail environments. Your bricks-and-mortar store can engage customers by using gamified experiences, interactive surveys and our platform for enabling offline-to-online shopping.

If your store is ready to become a 21st Century retail destination, we can help. Contact our team to book a demonstration of our Smiles surveys, Gamified Experiences or Cloudshelf.

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Transform Your Retail Stores With In-store Gamified Experiences - Ksubaka

Gamified Experiences

Use the stopping power of gamification to transform your stores or bring your brand to life.

Gamified Experiences are a powerful way to connect with your customers, encourage exploration and promote brands – or your own products.

Ksubaka offers a range of custom games that can be tailored to your brand – or we can develop custom content to entice your customers to play and explore.

Games give us unnecessary obstacles that we volunteer to tackle. — Jane McGonigal

Gamification in action: case studies

Ksubaka screens have been developed and deployed for retailers, including Tesco, Topshop and a range of supermarkets in China, and brands like Pepsi, Nestle and Barilla pasta.

Case Study

Tips for retail gamification

As we mentioned above, creating gamified experiences is not as simple as just putting games in your stores. The experiences must be compelling, original and connected to your brand.

Here are 8 tips for successful retail gamification:

  1. Define your goals – and ensure your gamified experience contributes to your strategy.
  2. Design game mechanics that align with your brand.
  3. Reward customers early and often.
  4. Give customers a challenge – but also a good chance of success.
  5. Keep games simple so everyone can play.
  6. Personalise games so customers feel invested in the activity.
  7. Use progressive difficulty so that advanced gamers can progress to bigger challenges.
  8. Ensure all players are rewarded when they finish – no matter how far they progressed.

Gamification in retail: the benefits

Gamification is a simple way to make tasks more fun for your customers. Instead of trying to convince customers to engage with your brand, we use game design techniques to create experiences that your customers can’t resist.

Building a rewards program

Customers love rewards. But one of the hardest parts of any rewards program is getting customers to enrol in the first place. How do you convince customers to complete a form when they’ve finished their shopping?

Ksubaka digital screens make it easy to create engaging experiences that attract a wide range of customers. We can use gamification to help convey the benefits of membership, and combine a reward for completing the game with a sign-up process. In-store gamification can also be used to engage customers who are already enrolled in your rewards program and encourage customers to use the benefits of membership.

Creating gamified retail experience

Bringing gamification into your retail environment isn’t simply about creating a diversion for your customers. Nor is it purely a way to harvest customer data. Done right, gamification is a way to delight customers with a novel experience, while also helping them learn more about your store or your brand. And at the end of play, a reward encourages customers to feel positive about the experience, and can also encourage brand loyalty or changes in shopping behaviour.

Creating a gamified retail experience must consider the customers’ needs and desires, while also incorporating the goals of the store or brand behind the game. The game itself must be fun, original, and related to the retail experience. By developing irresistible game experiences and locating them at key points in your stores, you can build stronger relationships with your customers and create another reason to shop offline.

Pros and cons of gamification in retail marketing

We’re passionate advocates of gamification because we see how it supports our client’s CX and engagement goals. However, we do know that gamification doesn’t always work and there are certainly ways to get gamification wrong.

Here’s our summary of the benefits and risks of using gamification in your marketing.


  • Play and competition encourage engagement.
  • Gather data on your customer’s preferences.
  • Reward customers for their engagement.
  • Improve your retail customer experience (CX).


  • Game experiences can feel superficial if not aligned with your brand.
  • Lack of rewards can make customers feel they’ve wasted their time.
  • Excessive gamification can lead to customer fatigue.
  • Poorly designed games can create negative customer experiences.

Gamification marketing tools

With Ksubaka, you can deploy a complete gamified experience in a matter of weeks. Our platform provides everything you need to engage your customers. We’ve already delivered hundreds of gamified experiences for major retailers and global brands, giving them a complete ecosystem that includes the interactive touchscreens or digital kiosks, the data gathering tools and hardware monitoring platform. You can achieve all your marketing, loyalty, engagement and CX goals with Ksubaka Gamified Experiences.

Inspiring gamification examples

Our clients cover a wide range of brands and retailers, who all have very different needs. For each client, we create original gamified experiences that are aligned with their brand and true to their customers. Read more about how we created a gamified brand experience for Topshop and Topman. Or about how we got people playing with pasta recipes for Barilla. Or about how we helped Milka (Mondelez International) teach customers about their new product.

These are just a few inspiring gamification examples from our collection of case studies. Will you be our next?

Future of gamification

Gamification has been with us for millennia. Teachers, employers and parents have always used the language of games to encourage participation and to make activities more pleasurable and rewarding. This is why gamification is not a trend that will ever expire; its basic principles are too intrinsic to human nature for gamification to ever go out of fashion.

What is likely to change is how organisations use gamification. And we believe that the greatest driver of change will be technology. Brands, retailers and gamification providers will adopt new technologies so they can enhance the power of gamification and engage users in novel ways. Emerging technologies that are likely to change the nature of gamified experiences include voice user interfaces (VUI), artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).

Developing gamification strategy

As we noted above, the most important part of your gamification strategy is to align the play with your brand. Games must be meaningful and contribute to your brand story. The most powerful gamified experiences are not simply decorated with your logo, they are intrinsically linked to your brand, with every component, including the music and gameplay, aligned to your corporate identity.

Gamification should be used to create deeper experiences that leave customers with lasting value, such as new knowledge, a voucher or branded content.

Real people as influencers

Social proof is one of the six principles of persuasion identified by Dr Robert Cialdini. And what better way to make use of social proof than to encourage customers to share their play and interaction online. Every time your customers post about your game online, you get additional brand exposure, as well as the implied association with the customer who posted the mention. Your Gamified Experience can turn every shopper into a social media influencer.

Why gamification works

Gamification works because people love to play. We are all naturally inclined to compete and to want to resolve challenges that we encounter. Playing games is known to activate the brain’s pleasure circuits, and cause the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that is associated with recognising rewards. So not only do customers enjoy the experience, but their brains confirm that the experience is pleasurable.

Gamification works because it relies on our natural human compulsion to play, rather than trying to coerce people to engage with our content. Gamification makes brand experiences fun and compelling. Instead of resisting our content, customers are more likely to willingly choose to engage – and spend far longer with our content than they would otherwise.

Gamification is not about manipulating customers, it’s simply a way to motivate customers by giving them a positive experience.

Transform your retail environment with Ksubaka

Ksubaka brings the power of digital technology into retail environments. Your bricks-and-mortar store can engage customers by using gamified experiences, interactive surveys and our platform for enabling offline-to-online shopping.

If your store is ready to become a 21st Century retail destination, we can help. Contact our team to book a demonstration of our Smiles surveys, Gamified Experiences or Cloudshelf.

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Promote with our Gamified branded experience

Use the stopping power of gamified branded promotions in-store to sell more

Your CX team has been pushing you to reduce the clutter and cardboard in-store.  Yet your suppliers now feel it impossible to stand-out. You are losing your high margin media revenues, and your customers don’t necessarily feel any better off for it as they have lost many of their buying signals.

Use Ksubaka promotions to enable ‘clean aisle’ without many of the side effects. Generate media revenue in media revenue in ‘clean’ store.  Give brands means to promote.

Link offline customers to mobile

Ksubaka Promotion-Tiles gets customers to sort and select promotions, allowing the retailer and other shoppers to rank their interest, and deliver the suitable vouchers directly to their mobile phone.

Easy-to-produce content

Ksubaka content library gives you the solution your brands need to engage shoppers

Find out more about how we have helped a leading CPG sell more

Examples of our experiences




Smiles - Instant Insights

Earn more by keeping your in-store customers happy and spending.


Customers are leaving your store without making a purchase, but you don’t know even know if they had planned to in the first place.  Different stores have markedly different sales figures, despite comparable footfall, but you don’t know what actions to take.

We help retailers engage their in-store visitors to find out how they can transform more visitors into customers, or how they can get those who are customers to buy more.

We do this by providing simple-to-use satisfaction surveys that encourage response, and then push for further insights, using our unique playful interactions.  Our real-time dashboards give retailers visibility per store, per category, or per location, and the always connected over-the-air platform allows them to simply update their research based on current findings.