Endless Aisle for retail stores

Expand your offline store with online ordering.

Cloudshelf from Ksubaka is a powerful offline-to-online commerce solution that gives your retail customers access to your complete product ranges and a convenient way to order products in-store. Using our digital kiosks, or your existing fleet of touchscreens, your customers can browse and order products that you don’t keep in stock.

Capture More Sales

How many of your customers leave empty-handed because you didn’t have the colour they wanted, or the correct size? Cloudshelf gives your customers an infinite aisle of products, so they can order obscure items, unpopular sizes, complex products, bespoke orders or products that are just too large to hold in stock.


Improve Customer Experience

Give more customers the product they’re looking for. Instead of sending customers away with nothing, you can provide a convenient way for customers to order any item you offer. Delivery can be completed to their home address, or the customer can collect in-store at the most convenient location.

Merge Offline and Online Retail

Your customers expect a seamless link between your online operations and your physical stores. Cloudshelf makes this easy to deliver. Instead of developing an original O2O solution from scratch, you can use Cloudshelf to make an endless aisle available in weeks rather than months.

What are endless aisles?

‘Endless aisle’ is a retail concept that means offering in-store customers the almost endless product options you offer online. Instead of accepting the limitations imposed by the size of your stockroom, you can encourage and facilitate orders via in-store kiosks or portable touchscreens. When customers want something you don’t stock, your sales assistants simply direct them to a touchscreen, and help them browse and find suitable products using a simple app.

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Benefits and challenges of endless aisle solutions

The evidence is clear: leaving your customers empty-handed is bad for business. Forrester research suggests that as much as 10% of retail sales are lost because the desired item is not in stock. And when customers don’t find what they want, 35% will buy the item from a different store – and there’s no way of knowing if those customers ever return.

Benefits of endless aisle solutions:

  • Improves customer experience
  • Converts more visitors into customers
  • Expands the ranges you can sell in-store
  • Gives customers another reason to shop offline
  • Reduces reliance on sales assistants.

Challenges of engless aisle solutions:

  • Deployed badly, endless aisle technology can make online ordering difficult and frustrating
  • Without integration, customers can struggle to switch between online and offline experiences
  • Stock management systems must be integrated so customers have an accurate view of stock levels and locations
  • Deploying a suite of touchscreens and developing the platform are challenging projects, best suited for experienced providers
  • Sales assistants require training so they can talk to customers about endless aisle appropriately and manage expectations.

Balance your inventory

How do you balance the need to meet customer demand with the pressure to control costs? The more stock you hold, the more risk you carry. At the same time, we know how damaging it is to have disappointed customers leaving your store empty-handed. How can you simultaneously reduce your stock and improve success rates for your customers?

Endless aisle is an efficient way to meet diverse customer needs, without expanding your stockholding. You can make all your products available, either for home delivery or as click-and-collect, without affecting your inventory.

Implementing endless aisles

There are many ways to implement endless aisle, including bespoke interactive solutions and by equipping sales assistants with tablets so they can place orders on the customer’s behalf. Our solution is a complete ecosystem that gives your customers the freedom to browse and place orders in their own time, using our digital kiosks, or your own fleet of touchscreens. With Cloudshelf you can implement an endless aisle solution in 6-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of your requirements.

Keep customers happy

Many of your customers enter your store ready to buy. They know what they need, and are expecting to leave your store with the item in their hands. The frustration caused by out-of-stock items can be significant, particularly when customers have made long or difficult journeys to your store. With an endless aisle solution, you can turn disappointment into delight, and give more customers a satisfactory conclusion to their shopping experience. Meeting customers needs today means you’re more likely to win their business tomorrow.

Endless aisle as interactive kiosk

Ksubaka interactive kiosks provide an engaging way to deliver endless aisle technology to your customers. The intuitive user interface invites customers to browse, using familiar e-commerce approaches such as search, filters and categories. Our Cloudshelf application also gives sales assistants a new method of supporting customers and facilitating sales.

Relevance of endless aisle in retail

The appeal of endless aisle, for many retailers, is that it gives your stores a way to rival the online shopping experience. But with an endless aisle solution, you are giving customers the vast potential of online ordering within a physical retail experience – and all the relationship-building possibilities that entails. If your retail stores need ways to build customer relationships, Cloudshelf can help you compete against online retailers with something they can never deliver: a live, personalised experience.

Endless aisle management and monitoring

Cloudshelf includes a web portal for managing performance and monitoring analytics. With a series of dashboards and data visualisations, your operations team can conveniently monitor activity on your interactive screens or kiosks, identify issues and evaluate performance across your stores. Reports can be exported in a range of formats with just a few clicks.

Transform your retail environment with Ksubaka

Ksubaka brings the power of digital technology into retail environments. Your bricks-and-mortar store can engage customers by using gamified experiences, interactive surveys and our platform for enabling offline-to-online shopping.

If your store is ready to become a 21st Century retail destination, we can help. Contact our team to book a demonstration of our Smiles surveys, Gamified Experiences or Cloudshelf.

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