Infrared Temperature Sensing Kiosk

Keep your visitors and staff safe with Temperature Scanning Kiosks


Scans body temperature in <1s

Works quickly and accurately

GDPR Compliant

Our devices are GDPR compliant and FCC (Europe) and FDA (USA) Certified

Face covering detection

Alerting you if no face covering is worn upon entry

Ready To Ship

Our temperature  kiosks are ready to be shipped as soon as you order. 97% of orders are delivered withing 10-14 days after the order

Fast and Easy Installation

Easily install the temperature kiosk yourself in less than 10 minutes

Choose Your Language

Our infrared temperature kiosks are available in 19 languages – choose your local!

Start your journey to safety with our Body Temperature Checker

Infrared temperature scanning kiosks are great at detecting body temperature by instantly measuring body temperature and informing your visitors and staff of their temperature.


Fast, no-contact infrared temperature check kiosk

Our body temperature scanning kiosks run non contact infrared sensors, able to conduct initial body temperature checks for triage use. The technology on our digital temperature checkers allows detecting body temperature in a matter of seconds, without the need for physical contact, reducing the risks related to touching surfaces.

Ksubaka’s infrared temperature kiosks will be ready to go in minutes thanks to an easy installation process, and should be placed at the entrances of public spaces such as supermarkets, offices, schools, government buildings, and warehouses. Installing a temperature sensing kiosk will safeguard your employees and visitors’ safety, help reduce the spread of certain infectious diseases, and ultimately produce cost savings, as less sick days will be needed by immediately pinpointing any body temperature anomalies.

Keeping business as usual with Infrared Temperature Screening Kiosks

Partnering with trusted, industry-leading manufacturers, here at Ksubaka we have developed an infrared temperature measurement solution which enables you to keep your store or workplace open and fully operational while respecting the most demanding safety regulations.

Our temperature screening kiosks scan the temperature of your visitors, using infra-red sensors and facial reference, one by one to inform them if a higher than normal body temperature is detected. They can even alert you of this when allowed by regulations.

Install your infrared body temperature checker in minutes

  • You can easily install our infrared temperature sensing kiosk in less than 10 minutes and manage or change the preconfigured settings yourself
  • You can choose the language that the temperature checker will display among the 19 supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian, Hebrew and Ukrainian
  • Our covid temperature scanners work automatically, without a network connection, and contactless, as our non-contact infrared sensors will detect body temperature without the need for human contact
  • At any time, you can choose to upgrade your temperature screenin kiosk to enable remote monitoring or configuration

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Order your Infrared Temperature Check Kiosk, enjoy ROI in a week

Our infrared temperature sensing kiosks are a turnkey solution, meaning that as soon as you place the order, the product is ready to be shipped. You will receive your body temperature scanner without needing to pay any ongoing fees. Installing a temperature detecting kiosk will show its benefits right away, providing positive returns on investments after as little as a week, compared to manual scanning options.
Depending on different business needs, our infrared temperature screening kiosks can be acquired through three different formulas:

Temperature Scanning Kiosks are good for all industries

Our temperature verification kiosks run the latest infrared temperature measurement technology and are suitable for many industries and applications, including:

  • Retail stores and shopping malls, luxury shops, apparel stores
  • Schools, educational institutions, and government buildings
  • Food and Beverage and hospitality industries
  • Leisure centres, casinos
  • Office buildings, reception desks, banks


Making sure your premises are safe is crucial during these times, and a body temperature kiosk can go a long way in ensuring you are always informed about what’s going on. Get your temperature scanning kiosks now!

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Finding the right temperature s kiosk for you

Our infrared temperature screening kiosks come in different configurations, with the goal of accommodating every business application. Our configurations include:

  • KSU-TSK-010W: this wall-mounted kiosk configuration allows you to place your body temperature scanning kiosk on the wall at the entrance of stores, or warehouse
  • KSU-TSK-011D: the desktop mounted configuration is the perfect infrared temperature sensing solution for reception desks and office kitchens
  • KSU-TSK-013F: this 147 cm floor standing infrared temperature scanning kiosk can guard the entrance of stores, shopping centres, offices buildings, casinos, banks, medical centres
  • KSU-TSK-015F: as an optional, a hand-sanitiser dispenser can be integrated with the temperature kiosk, adding an extra preventative measure against the spread of Covid-19.

Using infrared Temperature Scanning Kiosks responsibly

Infrared temperature check kiosks can not be used to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of Covid‑19 or any other diseases. An elevated body temperature in the context of use should be confirmed with a second evaluation method (e.g., non-contact infrared thermometer or clinical grade contact thermometer). Our non-contact infrared temperature sensor measures the average temperature over the face and may be affected by environmental conditions. Public health officials, through their experience with the device in the particular environment of use, should determine the significance of any fever or elevated temperature based on the skin tele thermographic temperature measurement.

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What makes our body temperature kiosks GDPR Compliant?



1. Our device doesn’t store any information

We don’t store any sensitive personal data on the device or on any servers

2. Our device operates automatically

No need for another person to see or hear the results of the temperature check

3. Tools and Information

We give you all the tools and information you need to use your device in line with GDPR guidance

Infrared Temperature Scanning Kiosk FAQs

What are body temperature checkers?

Temperature kiosks leverage infrared temperature measurement technology to measure individuals’ temperature in less than a second, without the need for contact.  In addition, Temperature Scanning Kiosks detect whether individuals are wearing a mask or not, alerting you in case one of your visitors is entering without a face covering device.

How long does it take for the temperature kiosk to measure body temperature?

Our body temperature kiosks utilise cutting-edge infrared temperature measurement technology that is able to accurately measure body temperature in one second.

How accurate are the temperature check kiosk measurements?

With their infrared temperature sensors, our temperature scanning kiosks detect temperature as accurately as possible, allowing for a very strict margin of error. However, incorrect positioning can cause measurements to become less accurate. Hence, we recommend that a spot is carefully chosen, avoiding exposure to atmospherical agents and air conditioning.

Do I need a working network connection to operate the temperature sensing kiosk?

No, Ksubaka’s Standalone TSK operates even in absence of a network connection (though you can choose to upgrade to the enterprise option that enables remote monitoring and configuration).

What if a high temperature is detected but the individual still enters the building?

Where national regulations allow it, it is possible for you to set alerts that warn you of each high-temperature case. Your infrared temperature sensing kiosk will send you a notification so that you can take the necessary action.

How long does it take for the TSK to get shipped after purchase?

Our temperature sensing kiosks are ready to ship, as soon as you place the order.  97% of orders are received within 10-14 days of order.

By using Ksubaka’s Infrared Temperature Sensing Kiosk, will I break GDPR regulations?

No. All TSK models operate automatically, without the need for human supervision, and do not store data. In addition, we provide documentation for GDPR-compliant usage to support you.

I want to see how it works. Can I try the body temperature checker for free?

You can let us contact you for a free demo of our infrared temperature scanning kiosks.

Where can I install the temperature check kiosks?

Temperature kiosks can be wall-mounted, desk-mounted and in floor-standing configuration, meaning that there is a certain flexibility of installation. Make sure to place it in the most crucial location for your business.

Help limit the spread of Covid-19

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