Smiles Pulse Check-in for WFH Employees

Checking Wellbeing of WFH Employees

Employers are losing out as a result of individuals and teams not being able to work optimally.

How do you keep track of problems?

Ongoing process, not one-off

While typical surveys can give you a snapshot, they are ill-suited for the current dynamic and potentially drawn out situation. Ksubaka Smiles for Employees draws upon our experience of fun and gamification to provide a full programme of pulse check-ins to get ongoing feedback.

Ksubaka’s powerful analytics bench each individual, team, office against similar ones elsewhere to tell the HR team what they are getting particularly right (and should continue doing) and what is bothering employees that need to be improved. This empowers HR to try improvements and see the results in near-real time.


Employee Pulse surveys adapt to your branding.

We understand that these surveys are actually conversations between your employees and you.  We take great care to provide you with brand customization of our engine that matches your requirements exactly.

"Question of the Day" mechanism

“Question of the day” covers a wide range of issues, and gets insight depth.  Pulse trend is the most powerful way of rapidly establishing how your employees are doing during WFH.


Gamification can encourage participation from your employees. A pulse survey programme can be introduced to create habit first 5 days and then ongoing weekly wellbeing check by rewarding employees with badges and each survey is only valid for limited time

Data collection and interpretation

    • Live analytics to get levers to activate
    • Data access by user group
    • Access to your data feeds
    • Listen the voice of your employees – up to 100.000 people
    • Fully GDPR compliant

Ready to go out in one week

The speed of everything is getting faster today and you need a Survey Solution that can keep you ahead of the game. That is why Ksubaka is committed to delivering our Smiles Pulse Check-in for WFH Employees as quickly & easy as possible.

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