Magic Mirror

Turn more visitors into customers

Let them see it. Let them buy it.
This is the simple idea behind our Magic Mirror solution.

We place interactive touchscreens in your stores to give customers detailed product information. The same screens can invite customers to place orders, either for home delivery or collection in-store.

With Magic Mirror you can convert more of your visitors into customers by giving them the information they need – and the products they want.

The gap between digital and physical retail

When you shop online, you have access to detailed product information. Everything you could want to know is at your fingertips. From exhaustive product specifications, high-res images and a plethora of customer reviews and analysis, people have become accustomed to researching before they buy.

After shopping online, retail shopping can feel rather limited. You can’t just tap a button to get more detail, or search for reviews, or watch people testing the product. Your options can be limited too, in terms of the varieties, sizes and models you can order. Sales assistants may have impressive product knowledge, but no professional can match a world wide web of information.

This is where Magic Mirror fills the gap between physical and digital retail. A hardware and software-based solution, Magic Mirror is an interactive touchscreen that sits on shelves, or as a standalone kiosk, and augments the shopping experience by providing detailed product information and opportunities to purchase items not stocked in your branch.

Endless Aisle

Presenting all of your products in-store is impossible. Endless Aisle presents customers with a bright and bold touchscreen that allows them to browse and buy a wider range of your products. Customers can either choose home delivery or in-store collection.

The Endless Aisle installations can be completely self-service, or used in conjunction with your sales team, giving them a powerful new way to support customers.

Magic Shelf

Picking up a product triggers the Magic Shelf touchscreen to activate and display related content, such as images, video and text. Customers can also be presented with related products, customer reviews or demonstrations.

Magic Shelf is a tool for enhancing the customer experience and supporting key products with the essential information that people need before they buy.

Magic Shelf + Endless Aisle = Magic Mirror

Working in partnership, our Magic Shelf and Endless Aisle solutions can help you reduce lost sales, convert more visitors into buyers and reinforce the value of visiting your physical stores.

Ksubaka - We’re here for retailers.

We know that ecommerce is an existential threat to many bricks-and-mortar retailers. But we also know that retail stores provide experiences and value that websites can never replace.

Ksubaka solutions bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Our suite of products brings the advantages of ecommerce into your traditional store. This means: better customer experiences, enhanced data gathering, converting more sales and offering an infinite range of products.