O2O Retail Solutions

Offline to Online Commerce

How can you bring online shopping to your offline store?

The push for O2O retail

Your customers want the convenience of online retail and the real-world reliability of an in-store experience. And they want the two threads of your business to intertwine, so they can swap between offline and online – and back again – without any interruption in service.

O2O commerce model

While digital retailers are struggling to blend elements of real-world experience into their offerings, your stores give you an immediate advantage. You already have the bricks-and-mortar space to create powerful customer experiences. With Ksubaka technologies, you can bring the infinite potential of online shopping into your stores, merging the tangible experience qualities of physical retail with the convenience of online.

Shopping experience

People care about how they spend their money. Gone are the days when retail was a race to offer the biggest deal for the smallest price. Customers are now looking for great products from brands they trust and value. Quality has overtaken quantity.

This push towards high-quality shopping experiences means that physical retailers have a huge advantage, because they have a physical interface to engage with customers, identify customer needs and provide personalised support.

Our endless aisle solution, Cloudshelf, is not simply about reducing the need for sales assistants. While more customers will use the self-service kiosks, there will always be customers who ignore digital devices and go looking for a person to talk to. In such cases, sales assistants may guide customers to use the kiosk to order an item not held in stock. In this way, our O2O solutions can empower sales assistants to deliver memorable customer experiences.

Click-and-collect shopping

For your customers, home deliveries can be more trouble than they’re worth; missing the initial delivery can mean a trip to an out-of-town collection centre within a specific collection window. This is why click-and-collect shopping is a vital option for many customers, giving them the freedom to shop your entire catalogue with the convenience of in-store collection.

Ksubaka Cloudshelf gives customers a digital touchscreen so they can browse your products, place orders, and choose the click-and-collect option, or home delivery if that is more convenient. In short, Cloudshelf gives your customers the freedom to choose.

O2O commerce trends

Offline-to-online shopping is a rapidly developing segment of retail. Just as online retail has changed how we think about shopping, O2O is evolving to meet changing needs. While customers once thought of online stores and their physical counterparts as distinct entities, people now expect a seamless journey between offline and online retail. Whether we buy online and collect in-store, place online orders in-store, or want to return an online order in a physical store, we expect the same effortless experience, and the freedom to choose what works for us.

Fundamentally, this is the trend that is shaping O2O commerce: the need to meet changing customer expectations and deliver experiences that rival those offered by tech giants.

Benefits of O2O

The advantages of offline-to-online retail are clear:

  • Increase sales and capture orders that would have been lost
  • Improve customer choice
  • Give customer assistants a powerful way to support customers
  • Drive sales of large, complex or obscure products
  • Provide another reason for customers to visit your stores
  • Make greater use of your existing digital assets
  • Gather original data about your customers’ preferences and intentions.

Store owners and O2O

All Ksubaka interactive screens are focused on one thing: giving store owners new methods for driving sales. Cloudshelf is a simple way to bring the power of technology into your stores and giving shoppers one more reason to spend with you.

If your product ranges are too large, complex or varied to be represented in your stores, Cloudshelf provides a digital catalogue so customers can view and order everything you have to offer. If your customers are looking for more flexible delivery options, Cloudshelf facilitates click-and-collect shopping, as well as home delivery.

We’ve worked with many retailers and brands around the world, so we know how to customise our O2O solutions to meet different business goals and customer needs.

Omnichannel and multi-channel retail

Giving customers freedom, and meeting their growing expectations, lies at the heart of omnichannel and multi-channel retail approaches. If your corporate strategy includes a push for omnichannel or multi-channel retail, Cloudshelf can support your goals. Our solutions are designed to be rapidly deployed and designed to suit the needs of your brand. Whether you need 10 screens or 10,000, Ksubaka has the expertise to expand your shopping channels with a powerful O2O solution.

QR codes and O2O retail

If you need to identify customers, share content or offer discounts, QR codes can provide a convenient link. Quick response (QR) codes can be displayed on screens or printed on receipts to give customers access to information, or they can be used to connect with loyalty programs or to help customers bookmark products they like. The potential uses for QR codes are enormously varied; Ksubaka consultants can help you explore their implementation in your O2O solution.

Mobile payments

Ksubaka’s Cloudshelf includes a mobile payment facility, so your customers can order products and pay using their mobile payment systems, such as Apple Pay or Android Pay. Even if your current POS system does not accept mobile payments, Cloudshelf will, giving your customers greater convenience and flexibility.

Customer loyalty

Every time a customer leaves without making a purchase, your store risks losing their business. Ksubaka solutions help you satisfy a wider range of customer needs, learn from your customers and build loyalty with your most valuable customers.

Drop-shipping and O2O retail

Rather than processing orders through a complex logistics system, Cloudshelf facilitates direct drop-shipping, so items can travel directly from your distribution centre to your customer’s home. Drop-shipping is just one of the delivery methods that customers can choose when they order with Cloudshelf. Your customers can also choose click-and-collect, which is popular with shoppers who are rarely at home to receive packages.

Transform your retail environment with Ksubaka

Ksubaka brings the power of digital technology into retail environments. Your bricks-and-mortar store can engage customers by using gamified experiences, interactive surveys and our platform for enabling offline-to-online shopping.

If your store is ready to become a 21st Century retail destination, we can help. Contact our team to book a demonstration of our Smiles surveys, Gamified Experiences or Cloudshelf.

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