Smiles Surveys

Instant Insights

Turn more visitors into customers by amplifying the authentic voice of your customer.

Smiles surveys uses an in-store customer research app, deployed on a touch screen, to capture rich insights into customers’ needs and interests, so you can optimise the customer experience and serve more customers on every visit.

Customer research

Capture the immediate impressions of your customers. Smiles make customer research effortless for you and fun for your customers. We achieve more interactions by using the language of games to appeal to your customers.

Customer engagement

Give your customers something fun to fill a moment when they’re queuing, or waiting for a friend. You can also use Smiles to offer rewards and incentives for completing a survey to make the experience more memorable.

Customer experience

The effortless animation of our Smiles surveys means that customers enjoy sharing their feedback. Customers get another positive experience of your brand, which contributes to the overall impression of your organisation as one driven to deliver more.

Fleet management

In addition to our web platform, Ksubaka offers a mobile-friendly web application so your fleet management team can resolve any technical issues swiftly. These tools can also help your technicians diagnose many faults before they arrive on site.

Data visualisation and reporting

A key component of Smiles surveys is your web portal, which gives you real-time monitoring of the surveys and your fleet of screens. You can use the live data visualisation dashboard to review customer feedback, identify patterns and pinpoint stores that require optimisation. The web application includes reporting tools so you can share these insights with colleagues in a variety of formats.

Deploying Smiles surveys

Your Smiles survey will be unique to your brand. The questions, colours, branding and copy will be customised to your organisation and aligned to your goals. Surveys can be deployed on our custom digital kiosks, or integrated with your existing digital touchscreens.

Smiles surveys have been used by major retailers and brands around the world, so we understand the different challenges of in-store environments and navigating cultural and behavioural shopping patterns.

Deploying Smiles surveys typically takes 6-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of your survey and the number of locations to cover.

Customer satisfaction survey

How do you monitor and optimise the customer experience? You might use CSAT scores, churn rates or net promoter scores as a barometer of the quality of your customer experience, but all these measures have limitations and can obscure real issues affecting in-store CX. Smiles is a complete customer satisfaction survey solution that includes data gathering, data management and reporting – in a package that customers enjoy engaging with.

Optimise customer services

Every store is different, so how do you assess the customer experience and identify areas for improvement? Smiles surveys show the clear differences in customer satisfaction levels across your stores, so you can pinpoint the outlets that are underperforming and bring them up to the standard of your top performing stores. Smiles surveys help you identify the highlights of the customer experience and the factors that are most important to your customers.

Smiley face surveys

Smiles surveys are deceptively simple. Customers first see a trio of faces: one happy, one sad and one neutral, and a request to rate their experience of your store. Customers simply tap one face to register their mood. Customers are then presented with follow-up questions that explore their experience in more depth. The survey is completed with a thank-you message or a special offer.

While the customer experience is fun, quick and easy, the Smiles app gathers powerful customer insights in the moment. Traditional surveys rely on customers’ recollection of past experiences, which is inevitably less reliable than direct, in-situ surveys. Smiles surveys are the most effective way to learn more about your customers and what they want from you.

Turning feedback into measurable KPI

Our goal is to support retailers with advanced technology, and drive one more customer to place one more order and add one more item to their basket or cart. Smiles surveys give you clear, actionable insights into your customer attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. You can rapidly respond to customer sentiment and optimise your stores. Whether this means changing customer service techniques, store layouts, stockholdings or opening times (for example) the advantage is that you can identify issues and spin them into opportunities.

Transform your retail enviroment with Ksubaka

Ksubaka brings the power of digital technology into retail environments. Your bricks-and-mortar store can engage customers by using gamified experiences, interactive surveys and our platform for enabling offline-to-online shopping.

If your store is ready to become a 21st Century retail destination, we can help. Contact our team to book a demonstration of our Smiles surveys, Gamified Experiences or Cloudshelf.

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