General reboot or power-off

In the unlikely event that a tablet is be frozen (nothing happening on screen when power button is pressed), you can force-reboot the tablet by pressing the power button mentioned above for around 30 seconds.

NB: as long as they are plugged in during store opening hours the tablets will automatically reboot when turned off.  Outside of this time, they will switch off.

Accessing the reboot / power off button

Selecting power off or reboot on screen

Checking power and network status

To report status to Ksubaka, use the ‘secret gesture’ (tap alternating top-left and top-right hand corners 5 times each) to display the settings access panel.  This will give you information on battery,  power status and connectivity.  You can close the panel using the cross at the top left.

Accessing Fleet Manager app to check advanced status

You can access more complete settings (network connectivity, app versions, etc) using the ksubaka webapp on a mobile,  from the settings panel above you can either select and the  QR code to open Fleet Manager or go to and enter your username and password.  If you do not have a username and password, please contact

This app will also give you access to your code to unlock a screen’s settings panel.  Find the playSpot in the list, select it to see the details, then click on the ‘password’ button to get the 9 digit unlock code that is linked to your username (this code is valid for one hour)

On the tablet itself, use the ‘secret gesture’ to access the unlock screen.  Enter your username and the 9 digit code.

Swapping a tablet

  1. Disconnect from power
  2. Remove security screws from around the screen using the appropriate key (silver one for floor-standing or dark grey metal one for table-top)
  3. Unlock the playSpot and open the rear panel (floor standing) or slide off the front panel (table top)
  4. Disconnect the cables
  5. Remove screen
  6. Remove SIM card
  7. Add SIM card to new screen
  8. Position new screen
  9. Connect power into DC 5V port
  10. Reconnect to power
  11. Wait for reboot cycle
  12. Go into settings panel (see section above).
    1. Confirm the screen is receiving power
    2. Confirm it is connected to network



please contact for any other issue. 

Ksubaka support will do a remote monitoring check of all tablets every day at 11.30am to make sure all are working correctly


Please pay attention to the stickers, if they need replacing please contact